Omeka S specialized hosting with velocity warranty

Years of research and growth have allowed us creating this service that is based on containers and servers clusters 

Your hosting technology shall not be as ancient as the historical patrimony hosted

What do we offer to you?


Years of R+D and brand-new hardware to provide our velocity warranty


Servers monitoring, state check every 10 seconds, fragile resources, high availability...

Specialized management

We truly comprehend the apps: Hosting and Digital Humanities are the main pillar of our company


Six backups any given day, HTTPS by default, active monitoring, clients' insulation, European servers, tripled data…

Personal planning

For discovering Omeka S or undertaking personal projects. Included in training courses.



Flexible hosting for institutional projects

From 300€/year


We design solutions for specific applications or situations, and we deploy the necessary components for our cluster

Do I need hosting?

We will advise you how to deploy the application you may need