Modules at Omeka S
addons, plugins, widgets, or modules
Modules at Omeka S to amplify functionalities

Omeka S allows the expansion of functionalities by installing new extensions, commonly known as addons, plugins, widgets or modules. These extensions are known as Omeka S Modules. These modules are available in the official repository, but there are also other types that can be downloaded from the repositories of external developers. We usually recommend you to get a backup before installing new features in Omeka.

Many modules have external dependencies, so we recommend you to read the information at the official documentation before installing them.

How to install a module at Omeka S?

To install a new module in Omeka you have two options:

  1. To download the compressed file (.zip) in the default path of Omeka S from the repository where these external resources are located. To do this we must have access to the server file system and through the WGET command you can download the file to our path.

  2. To install the Easy Install module that enables you to easily install external modules and themes to our platform. When installed, all the official Omeka modules and themes are available.

Modules list

Expanding functionalities, modifying the behavior, adding new libraries... are some of the benefits that the installation of new modules in Omeka S brings.

Although there are more than 30 modules available, Libnamic offers you a small summary of the ones that in our opinion are essential:

Google Analytics:

Module developed by Libnamic that allows you to add the Google Analytics Track script to Omeka S. Thus, it proceeds to count the visits of the site with Google technology. A particularity to take into account is that this plugin allows to have a "tracking" code for each of our sites. For example, if you create a virtual exhibition, you will be able to know the number of unique visitors, their behavior...

Fields as Tags:

Module developed by Libnamic that allows using the fields used as labels, it uses the MetadataBrowse configuration, from which it takes the fields to be used as labels.

EU Cookie Bar:

It allows the addition of a Cookies warning bar to Omeka, in order to comply with the Data Protection regulations.


Viewer is a module for Omeka S that integrates Mirador, an advanced online image viewer, so it can display books, images, maps, etc. via the IIIF standard.

Any Cloud:

The module for Omeka S Any cloud allows you to store Omeka S files in an external storage manager such as AWS, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Customized modules

There is the possibility of creating customized modules that allow you to include new Ad-hoc features, to automate processes or to improve certain flows in Omeka S.

Libnamic has developed different solutions for Research Centers, Universities... helping to automate processes, improving data capture.

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