Resources for learning about Omeka
by alfredobarragan | Omeka S

Resources for learning about Omeka: There can be found in the network many resources that allow for self-learning about any subject. Omeka’s case is not far from that, although it is not as widespread.

In this post we have listed all the resources for learning how to use Omeka software so that you can quickly set up your own project.

Omeka S official manual:

These are   the official Omeka S documents,although it is the most precise source in English. As it is a free software, it does present a great community of users and developers that shall help you and solve your doubts.  

Manual of the University of Seville’s Library:

Small manual edited by the University of Seville’s librarythat contains basic information on Omeka S. It is such a valuable document for those users learning on Omeka S.


Any doubts? You can have a look at our Omeka-specialized blog entrances 
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