Theme for Omeka S
Libnamic has developed a theme for free

Libnamic, in its eagerness to contribute to the community of Omeka developers and users, has developed a free theme for Omeka S that improves the display of content.

If you want to know how to modify the default Omeka S theme, you can see a post here, in which we detail the steps to follow to configure a new theme.

Our theme

We have included a header slider, modifiable in the CSS code of the application, and we have edited the fonts, spacing, line spacing of each of the available sections. Being the main objective to improve the visualization of the content of Omeka, we have proceeded to include modifications in the views to introduce new aspects for more profound changes.  The aforementioned slider allows bringing dynamism to the website, exchanging purely visual aspects with other functional or content aspects.

In order to have a simple theme, and with a high visual component, we leave some screenshots:

The slider allows you to add text in the header, or video format as seen in the following images:

The items page has been designed to show a clean structure, allowing the user to focus on the content of the item:

In the footer of the page, 3 sections have been arranged that allow us to customize our theme. In addition, to facilitate navigation through very long pages, we have enabled a simple but functional button that allows you to scroll the view to the top of the page.

On the other hand, the advanced search area has been redesigned, modifying the length and extension of the fields, to improve the user:

Download Libnamic-Omeka theme
You can download this theme at our GitHub profile. If you are a developer, and you want to make a contribution, do not hesitate to comment or even make a pull request to the master branch.
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